Ambient launches its new SmartPoint SP3000T/ERS

15 February 2011

Ambient launches its new SmartPoint SP3000T/ERS Thursday, 10 February 2011- Enschede, the Netherlands.

Ambient Systems launches its new SmartPoint SP3000T/ERS with External Reed Sensor. The dual-sensor SmartPoint SP3000T/ERS joins its siblings by providing both an internal temperature sensor and an external reed sensor. The SP3000T/ERS can be used to monitor events such as the opening and closing of doors and windows or the presence of an object.

“Ambient always seeks to extend its range of products”, says CEO Jan Vesseur, “and therefore it is always a pleasant occasion to launch a new product. In most cases our product developments are a direct result of working together with partners in our network. When they have special needs or special requirements, we look for appropriate ways to cooperate in order to find a suitable solution and jointly grow our business.” He continues: “If there is a relevant market opportunity identified by other partners, Ambient incorporates the results of such product development into its standard product portfolio. This was also the case with the SP3000T/ERS. Additionally, there are several other SmartPoint flavors scheduled on Ambient’s product roadmap which are expected to be launched during the run of the year.”

The SP3000T/ERS so far has been market-trialed mostly in warehouses and distribution centers to monitor opening and closing of (dock) doors and doors leading to cooling cells or other refrigerated areas. The data obtained from temperature sensors inside and outside the refrigerated areas, together with the open and close events generated by the SP3000T/ERS, provide valuable input that gives a better insight into the impact of door usage on cooling efficiency as well as energy consumption.

The Ambient 3000 Series operates on 2.4 GHz based on IEEE 802.15.4 PHY. This standard has been designed for low-power, low-energy wireless communication resulting in a significantly lower energy consumption and thus longer battery lifetime’

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